Welcome to Uniti
Published : 25th October 2018

Welcome to Uniti

So welcome to Uniti and our first blog to help promote awareness and increase interest and support in what we do.  So far we have 3 Universities and 2 colleges using the system.  This is a good start, bit we need to do better.

Uniti prides itself in being a very user friendly application.  Using up to date and current web technologies, we bring all the necessary functionality required of a practice managment tool to Universities and Colleges with even the most modest of budgets.

We have a scalable pricing range that allows access to the full functionality of the system from the smallest College to the largest Universities.

Our technology allows us to scale from smaller Colleges to larger Universities, for example the size of UCL (University College London) has a massive student base of 37000, see the wiki (UCL wiki).

So, if you have made it this far in the article, then please share this to other friends and associates in your social and business network and help Uniti go from modest beginning to a huge success.  We are counting on everybody.

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