Simple and cost effective pricing

No need for expensive installation and on-site maintenance, our web enabled software allows us to manage and maintain Uniti from our off-site locations.  We believe this is the way forward, bringing a fabulous and feature rich product to our customers at a fraction of our competitors' prices. 

Our pricing is simple, cost effective and scalable, growing with your organisation.  It is based on the number of your staff members, all costs are monthly.

Uniti CMS

  Uniti CMS
Small to Medium sized teams   Large Sized teams

Per user/month**

Half time user/month**

Trainees and volunteers/month

  Departments with more than 15 users, please contact us for a bespoke quote

**Half time users, working 17hours a week or less. Prices are subject to VAT and are dependent upon your country of residence.

We use the same pricing thoughout, regardless of the type of installation you choose.  The installation types are listed below:

We like to engage with organisations by creating a relationship that will continue into the future.  This relationship includes support, development and advice offered by our staff.  There is no tie-in or fixed term, just a standard ongoing monthly subscription.

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Your Site Installation

We can install Uniti on your servers, owned and maintained by your IT department.  This offers those customers who prefer to have control of their own data and hardware to do so.

Dedicated Service

If you have your own cloud service, or wish us to install Uniti on your cloud, then this is an option open to you.  Simple and effective, providing your organisation ownership of the service but allowing us to install and manage this service on your behalf.

Community Service

We will host your installation of Uniti on our own private servers.  This will provide you with full support and ensure that your environment continues to be fully functional whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Your Data

All client records and information may be downloaded by you at any time.  This means that after your term with us, you will be able to retain all your client records, in electronic PDF format.