Bellside Solutions LtdUniti is the product of a ten year development in association with Bellside Solutions and the UCL Counselling department within Client Services.

Initially designed as an online sign up form, the development has progressed over the years into a fully functional Counselling Management System (CMS) specifically designed for the requirements of a University Counselling Department.

Counselling departments were using legacy based paper systems, documents served on a network drive or existing Client Management Systems used by the whole University.  Although these proved successful to a point, there was the need to provide something bespoke and fitting for the counselling department to provide the security and protect the anonymity of their clients.

The introduction of GDPR and need to hold client documents in a safe secure manner, coupled with the COVID pandemic and the need for remote counselling has allowed Uniti to flourish in these challenging times. 

Using latest technology and web development tools, Bellside Solutions has worked alongside UCL in bringing Uniti to life.  It has been the determination and vision of the counselling department to automate, report and manage the daily routines of the counselling environment, to bring improvements and efficiencies, not only to the Clients, but to the Practitioners and the University in general.