Installation is simple and easy.  We use standard web technology which will be familiar to your IT department or IT service provider.  Using standard web technology means that you will probably have experienced personnel within your organisation who will be able to facilitate your use of Uniti and its installation.

Cloud Community

Offered as a hosted service, we can provide you with the software, keeping your IT department free from responsibility.  We have a community service, where resources can be shared on our network, making the whole environment more cost effective for all.  Alternatively we can provide a dedicated service that is reliable, but just as secure as your own IT network.


We offer telephone and email support throughout your relationship with us.  This ensures peace of mind for you.  Continual updates and the knowledge that the software will continue to provide you with the service that you will come to know and expect.


We will be creating a forum for all our clients, to share ideas and concepts, allowing the interaction between like minded people to ensure that what we deliver will be used in the most effective ways.